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The reason why we start animal blogs varies. For some, it’s to share a story about their beloved animals, while others want to spread information about health issues and disease prevention. Others, however, start them simply for entertainment value. Some offer celebrity animal stories or humor.

Yvonne DiVita

The Yvonne DiVita Wellness Coach For Life is a marketing and social media expert. She has spoken at numerous conferences, including BlogHer, WOMMA*, and BlogPaws. She also writes about animal welfare and health issues. Her blog is popular with women and is ranked among the top blogs for women by Forbes Woman.


DrQ Wellness Coaching For Life is a holistic veterinarian and Life Coach for People With Animals. DrQ has over 20 years experience in veterinary medicine and a passion for healthy lifestyles. Through her expertise, she will help your animal companion live longer and healthier lives. She has worked with animals ranging from fish and yaks to dogs and horses.

DrQ’s blog

DrQ is a holistic veterinarian and a Life Coach for People with Animals. She is a passionate advocate of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices for animals. With a background in emergency medicine, horse racing, dog training, and wellness coaching, she knows how to make life healthier for your animal friends.

DrQ’s website

Having worked in the field of veterinary medicine for over 20 years, DrQ understands the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. She uses her expertise in these areas to help animals live longer and healthier lives. Her background includes training and racing horses, practicing emergency medicine, and working with various animals including dogs, fish, and yaks. She is also involved in several projects and research aimed at improving animal health and wellbeing.

DrQ’s approach to wellness coaching

A holistic approach to wellness is a comprehensive approach to promoting health, wellness, and well-being. It addresses the mind-body connection and makes lifestyle changes relevant to the individual’s health. Holistic coaching can be tailored to specific health goals and be supplemented with other health professionals.

The goal of wellness coaching is to support an individual in creating and implementing lifestyle changes that result in a better quality of life. The coach works collaboratively with each individual to develop a personal wellness plan, provides support during times of struggle, and celebrates successes. In addition to helping a client make healthy lifestyle choices, wellness coaches help implement their plans by providing accountability, skill-building, and problem-solving strategies.

A wellness coach teaches clients how to make healthy lifestyle changes that will last. For example, a client may have a demanding job and consume too much sugar or caffeine. This can result in fatigue in the evenings, missed family time, and feelings of guilt. Alternatively, a busy lifestyle can lead to an increase in stress, and insomnia.


BlogPaws is a community of pet parents and experts who share the same passion for animals. Founded in 2009, this community is a great way to connect with other pet parents and learn about new products and brands. It has become a go-to resource for pet owners who want to improve their pets’ health and well-being. As a member, you can ask other pet parents questions and read their experiences.

In addition to providing valuable information to pet parents, BlogPaws also hosts an annual social media conference for animal lovers. The conference is held in Nashville, Tennessee, and attracts attendees from all over the world. Yantos was excited to learn about her nomination and is looking forward to attending the ceremony in May. Her nomination for the award proves that she has a strong presence in the animal-blogging community and is well-received by her followers.

BlogPaws also offers marketing and social media tips for animal owners. Founder Felissa Elfenbein’s love for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels inspired her to create the blog. One of her posts, Two Little Cavaliers, focuses on senior dogs. It includes articles about senior dogs and caring for them.

Aside from being a great resource for pet owners, the site also helps you establish your own brand and get more followers. The blog also includes tips and animal memes. These are great for connecting with other pet parents and businesses.