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The black truffle has long been an ingredient in high-quality Italian pastas, gourmet breads, and baked goods. In fact, truffles were even featured on an episode of “The Sopranos.” The truffle is also a popular ingredient in many delicious breads and pastas that you can find at your local grocery store or supermarket. In fact, truffle salt is so popular that it’s often sold as a salt substitute.

black truffle salt

But do you know what truffle salt is really all about? There is a great way to enjoy this exotic nutty flavor all year long and with very few (if any) negative side effects. Black truffles are a healthy alternative to regular sprinkles because of the high level of minerals and healthy fats in the flour.

The black truffle salt benefits also go beyond Italy and breads and pasta. This delicious Italian flavor is also a perfect addition to salads, fish dishes, soups, stews, and any kind of raw food dish you like. Salads are usually a bit bland, but with a truffle to they become appetizing for salads. Fishes and seafood are also easy to enhance with this flavorful seasoning, and can be used as bases for more interesting dishes such as sushi.

For example, you can make a simple yet delicious raw egg salad by boiling water with black truffle salt in it over medium heat until the eggs begin to appear. You can then use the cooked eggs in a number of different ways. You can fry them, scrambled or simply make an omelet with the yolks. You can even use them in your pasta sauce, or mix them into a vinaigrette.

There are a number of other ways you can incorporate black truffle salt into your cooking and make dishes more interesting and flavorful at the same time. One good idea is to use them in conjunction with other seasonings. For instance, instead of just adding oregano and basil, try sauteing some tomatoes along with some onions and garlic before adding them to a pasta sauce. If you’re not too worried about having to learn how to make a homemade sauce, then just use truffle salt in their place. Sprinkle some cheese and Parmesan onto your baked potatoes and you have a tasty and easy to make mashed potatoes and cream cheese dip.

Black truffle salt also pairs very nicely with smoked salmon, cut into pieces and cooked on the stove. Another great combination is to eat half a stick of butter and a few sliced mushrooms along with your scrambled eggs. Sausage patties are another great preparation for using black truffle salt. Instead of buying ground sirloin or beef shank, why not just use the skin from an avocado? This is just one example of how you can serve hot dishes with this versatile seasoning.