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Fleur de Seu is also calling the best fleur de lis salt. Sea salt from France is hand picked from the ocean by drying in deep underwater pools. Fleur de Seu contains a high natural concentration of minerals and has superb taste, often preferred over other salts. It contains calcium, sodium, iron, and other minerals found in sea water. Today fleur de sel sea salt is used for cooking, baking, candy making, treating athletic injuries, treating cuts and burns, as well as many cosmetics products.

Fleur de Ses runs in families in France. It was considered the symbol of royalty and aristocracy. As such it was only afforded by members of these elite groups. Today fleur de sel salts are available in supermarkets and specialty shops throughout the world. They are used to add a unique flavor to any number of foods.

Fleur de sel salt crystal is formed when the seawater is evaporated into the atmosphere. The crystals are left on the ocean floor. Over thousands of years, the crystals soaked up carbon dioxide released from volcanic outcrops and were deposited on the ocean’s surface. Because of their unique composition, the crystals capture different aspects of the ocean’s surface. Certain minerals or elements contained in different elements on the surface can be locked in this fine salt crystals and form fleur de sel.

There are two main types of fleur de sel used today; synthetic and natural. The natural fleur de sel crystals are created by collecting dissolved in sea water, which is then filtered through copper salts. The crystals then become dark and thick, like seawater, due to the process of metering. The synthetic fleur de sel crystals on the other hand are made with laboratory equipment and a pressurized salt solution.

No matter which type of fleur de sel salt you decide to use in your cooking or baking projects, you can be confident they will leave your food with an exceptional taste. There are many recipes where fleur de sel is combined with other ingredients to create an interesting flavor. In fact, some of these recipes have been passed down for hundreds of years. These include adding Rosemary, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to the seawater and leaving it to sit. When it evaporated into the air, the mixture produced a light-colored brine that further enhanced the flavor.

Another way to enhance the flavor of fleur de sel is to simply soak the salt in lukewarm water for an hour before using it in any recipe. This process not only imparts a light flavor to the salt but also helps eliminate any bacteria or other foreign matter that might otherwise spoil the taste of the food. If you find that the flavor of the salt has diminished over time, you can replace it with a different variety. Many recipes will tell you that fleur de sel should never be stored in salty foods or ice cube trays, since the delicate flavor can easily be destroyed if exposed to temperatures below 45 degrees.

The best fleur de sel salt is available from online retailers with free shipping and handling. This popular brand is widely used throughout the world, as it provides a wonderful salt alternative for many dishes. This quality product has created many variants with extra filtering and finishing options. The highest quality fleur de sel salt will provide a wonderful salty taste that will remind you of France. Whether you are interested in making your own recipes or trying fleur de sel at restaurants, you will discover that this wonderful salt can easily enhance the flavor of just about any dish.

Fleur de sel can be purchased from most any grocery store or health food outlet, but the best selection can usually be found online. It can also be purchased in finer department stores, but the bulk pricing and convenience of shopping online often make it the best choice for purchasing fleur de sel. Deionized water is used during the manufacturing process, which gives fleur de sel its clarity and excellent quality. This water is harvested from French seaweed farms and then carefully processed to create the finest product available. Shop today and experience the delicate flavor of fleur de sel.