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Utilizing SEO Service on eBay – Top Tips For SEO on eBay

Selling on Ebay is not always as simple as it seems at first glance. While casual sellers may be able to get away with simply posting a couple pictures of their items and posting a description with little thought, this is not the case with the pros. Regular sellers all abide by more or less the same rules when it comes to their [Ebay content] and listings. The [tips for Ebay listings] below should help any novice or casual seller who wishes to move up the ranks a jump start on their Ebay selling career.

Using Proper Keywords for SEO

Using proper keywords isn’t always as straightforward as one would think. The item being sold shouldn’t be the only keyword in the description. When browsing a product on Ebay, one is given the chance to see into the mind of potential buyers through the “People who viewed this item also viewed” link. Popular keywords among a target demographic should be used throughout an item listing’s description. If people who view Playstations also view Mac laptops, the words “Mac” and “laptop” should be worked into the description. This is a basic form of search engine optimization, or SEO for short, and is a staple to anyone trying to garner attention online; whether on Ebay or anywhere else.


Writing a Proper Title for SEO

No matter how good a product is, advertising plays a role in whether or not it sells. While Ebay sellers aren’t the type to run commercials about their products, their Ebay listing’s title is their chance to show what they have to offer. Ebay titles should be short and to the point. A cluttered title might be skipped over by those who are casually browsing listings. A short, attractive title may just bring their eyes to a product. A title should contain no more than the main keywords (two to three is a good number to shoot for), the most important descriptions pertaining to the product (the year it was made, the brand name, etc.) and should be no longer than ten words. This prevents clutter and promotes easy readability.


Thinking About How Buyers Search for SEO

Buyers will seldom search words such as “look”, “I” and “made”. So a title such as “Look at These Bracelets I Made” is an easy way to leave an Ebay listing on the back burner never to be found. Putting oneself in a potential buyer’s shoes may prove useful in knowing how to write Ebay content. If items similar to that of a seller’s are up for bid, whatever search brings those items up the fastest probably contains the best key phrases to add in a listing’s title and description.


While there are many routes to success on Ebay, one will notice that any successful Ebay store implements these tips to all of their listings. Of course the quality and popularity of the product being sold is the most crucial piece to Ebay success, but keeping these tips in mind whenever making a new listing should prove very helpful, no matter the product in question.